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Main Course

Menu Information
Mozzarella cheese crumbed then fried, served hot, with a sweet plum sauce.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks / Sweet Plum Sauce
Menu Information
French fries toped with wood fired pork or brisket, cheese sauce, chipotle and salsa aji (Vegetarian available).

Loaded Fries

French Fries / Pork / Cheese Sauce / Chipotle / Salsa Ají
Menu Information
Slow cooked wood fired pork, 3x chicken wings , grilled Spanish chorizo, served with petit salad, baby potatoes, cassava wedges, grilled corn cob, lemon and salsa aji.

Mixed Grill / Picada

Pork / Fried Chicken Wings / Chorizo / Petit Salad / Baby Potatoes / Grilled Corn / Cassava Wedges / Grilled Corncob / Lemon / Salsa Ají
Menu Information
Smoky pork shoulder slow cooked for several hours over hickory wood. Served with petit salad, baby potatoes, cassava wedges, grilled corncob, lemon and salsa aji.

Pork Shoulder / Asado

Slow Cooked Pork / Petit Salad / Baby Potatoes / Cassava Wedges / Grilled Corncob / Lemon / Salsa Aji
Menu Information
Char grilled juicy sirloin steak, sliced up and served with chimichurri, beer battered chips and garden salad.

Porterhouse Steak / Churrasco

Grilled Sirloin Steak / Chimichurri / Beer Battered Chips / Garden Salad
Menu Information
3x wings, slow cooked pork shoulder, grilled chorizo on a bed of beer battered chips loaded with cheese sauce, chipotle BBQ and salsa ají.

Loco Loaded Fries

Chicken Wings / Pork Shoulder / Grilled Chorizo / Beer Battered Chips / Cheese Sauce / Chipotle BBQ / Salsa Ají
Menu Information
Toasted corn chips topped with mozzarella, slow cooked pork asado, chipotle, salsa aji and sour cream.

Loaded Nachos

Corn Chips / Mozzarella / Slow Cooked Pork / Chipotle / Salsa Aji / Sour Cream
Add guacamole$3.0
Veggie with guacamole$14.0
Menu Information
Smoked slow cooked pork, mozzarella cheese, sour cream, chipotle BBQ on a stone baked baguette.

Grilled Baguette

Slow Cooked Pork / Mozzarella Cheese / Sour Cream / Chipotle BBQ / Grilled Baguette

Sides and Extras

Cheese Corn Bread (Cheese Arepa)

With Chicken$5.2
With Pork$5.2
With Chorizo$4.9


Menu Information
Salsa aji, Chimichurri, Chipotle, Hickory BBQ, Buffalo or Blue Cheese.

1x Salsa

Salsa Aji / Chimichurri / Chipotle / Hickory BBQ / Buffalo / Blue Cheese

South America Dumplings

Beef Empanadas

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