The La Parrilla food truck team is very experienced at doing  private, corporate catering and weddings. Run by co owner Carolina, we’ve been working for 3 years now catering fantastic events all over Brisbane. Be sure you’re always in good hands with La Parrilla.


Our catering packages range from a la carte service, buffets, gourmet platters, canapes and delicious desserts. We are very flexible with menu options and always cater to dietary requirements. 

Option 1

Hire our food truck

We offer the option to hire our La Parrilla food truck to attend your event, complete with our regular a la carte menu. 

Option 2

Buffet Menu

We will bring tables and set up hot bain-maries in front of the food truck. This is a great option for large groups; everyone can help them selves quickly without waiting for service. We require a minimum of 40 guests. 3 types of meat are available; Guacamole, salsa aji and chimichurri will be included free of charge. 3 types of dessert are also available for extra per head.

Buffet Menu

Smoked Low and Slow style beef Brisket

Whole beef brisket coated with a special spice rub then smoked for several hours using hard wood lump charcoal.

Wood Fired Pork Shoulder

Pork collar butt marinated overnight then cooked using Iron bark and lump charcoal.

Char Grilled Portuguese Style Chicken Pieces

Whole chickens cut into pieces of 8 marinated in a special marinade then char grilled over charcoal.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Marinated bone in lamb shoulder cooked slow for several hours over charcoal.

Porterhouse Steak Grilled

Local porterhouse 200gm portions marinated overnight Colombian style then grilled and served medium.

Char Grilled Handmade Chorizos

Fresh Spanish style chorizos grilled. Can choose mild or hot, served with lime.

Garlic or Chili Prawns

Large marinated prawns grilled then finished with fresh lemon.

Slow Cooked Wood Fired Beef

Bolar blade cut of beef cooked in a wood fire oven, served medium.

Asado Style Beef Ribs

Meaty whole beef rib racks smoked with a special rub then sliced into individual pieces.

Tandoori Style Chicken

24hr marinated chicken thigh in tandoori spices grilled over charcoal topped with yogurt and coriander.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Low and slow pork ribs finished with a special smoky BBQ sauce.

Char Grilled Marinated Baby Octopus

Marinated fresh baby octopus grilled then finished with lemon and fresh herbs.

Grilled Lamb Kofta

Lamb mince with spices placed on skewers and grilled over charcoal. Served with yogurt and coriander.

Seasoned Chicken Wings

Coated in our special seasoning with the option of buffalo sauce with blue cheese sauce side.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Zucchini, sweet potato, eggplant, tomatoes layered in between pasta sheets then covered with cheese and bechamel sauce.

Cold Side

Spanish roast capsicum and tomato salad

Grilled 3 colors capsicums, tomatoes and onions with spices olive oil fresh herbs and a dash of red wine vinegar.

Baby spinach, feta and chick pea salad

Fresh chick peas, tomatoes, Persian feta, baby spinach lime and olive oil dressing with a dash of sumac.

Thai beef salad

Beef mince, rice noodles, wombok, coriander, mint, carrots, red onion, bean sprouts and special Thai dressing

American style Coleslaw

Fresh green and red cabbage, red onion, carrots and mayo dressing.

Potato salad with bacon

Chat potatoes, bacon, onion, seeded mustard, whole egg mayo

Ceaser Salad

Cos lettuce, croutons, crispy pancetta, boiled eggs, Parmesan cheese, anchovies and Ceaser dressing.

Greek salad

Cucumber, capsicum, red onion, Kalamata olives, Greek feta, tomatoes, oregano and olive oil dressing.

Waldof salad

Crisp lettuce, fresh apples, red grapes, toasted walnuts with a mayo yogurt dressing.

Basil pesto pasta salad

Pasta shells, hand made basil pesto, baby spinach and semi dried tomatoes.

Hot Side

Handmade Colombian arepas with cheese

Hand made corn bread stuffed with cheese.

Cassava croquettes

Cassava coated in a batter then fried to perfection.

Grilled corn cobs

Grilled corn pieces smothered with butter and fresh herbs.

Colombian potato criollas

Colombian baby potatoes crispy on outside with a buttery centre.

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables

Zucchini, eggplant, red capsicum, red onion, marinated and char grilled.

French fries or potato wedges

Roasted mixed vegetables

Mixture of potatoes, carrots, parsnip, pumpkin and onions with fresh herbs.

Freshly baked bread, flat bread and tortillas

Mixed green vegetables

Broccoli, Green beans, snow peas tossed with butter.

Flavored steamed rice

Steamed basmati with cardamom and bay leaves.



Individual pavlova portions topped with fresh cream, mango, kiwi fruit and strawberries.

Tres leches cake (3 milks cake)

Traditional Latin cake soaked in three different milks then topped with fresh cream and berries.

Sliced fresh fruit and berries

Fresh watermelon, rock melon, honey dew melon, pine apples berries, grapes and oranges.

Option 3

Gourmet Burger Menu

We will come to you and make fresh burgers to order, for a minimum of 40 meals. Alternatively, we offer a pick up service for a minimum order of 20. All burger are made on fresh brioche. You can also add fries for extra.

Gourmet Burgers

Pulled pork burger

Smoked pulled pork with fresh slaw, dill pickle, sliced cheese and chipotle sauce.
Menu Information

Smoked beef brisket, grilled bacon , onion, cheese and special BBQ sauce.

Brisket Bacon burger

Smoked beef brisket, grilled bacon , onion, cheese and special BBQ sauce.

Grilled Chicken

Marinated chicken breast chargrilled with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, sliced cheese, tomato relish and aioli.

Fish burger

Battered flathead , crisp lettuce, cheese and tartare sauce.

Beef Burger

Handmade beef patty char grilled, American cheese, lettuce tomato, Tomato and mustard.

Option 4

Canapés and Platters

Canapés have a minimum order of 10 per type.


Grilled prawns wrapped in prosciutto

Grilled prawns wrapped in prosciutto

Mushroom duxcelle on croute with goats curd

slow cooked beef with salsa verde

grilled baby octopus with chilli

beef tartar on croute

salmon and caper tatar on croute

Colombian empanadas

Small cheese arepas

Fried Salt and pepper calamari


Cold meats cheese and dips

Selection of cold meats including prosciutto smoke sausage ham with assorted fresh cheese and types of dips and crackers.

Dips platter

Assortment of 3 dips with freshly baked breads and crackers.

mixed meat platter

Grilled steak, wood fired pork, chorizo, salt and pepper calamari, Grilled chicken and fried chicken wings.

Chicken nibbles platter

Fried chicken wings with an assortment of sauces.

Gourmet cheese platter

Selection of multiple cheeses with quince paste , fruit and nuts with selection of crackers and bread sticks.

Antipasto platter

Char grilled vegetables, cold sliced meats, mixed olives, cheese dips and crackers.

Fruit platter

Selection of fresh fruit and berries.

Sweets platter

An assortment of cakes and slices.

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